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Shiatsu Training

Shiatsu Training is offered by The Glasgow School of Shiatsu in a number of Shiatsu Training Course formats ranging from the introductory day to a full program leading to a Diploma qualification. Below is set out our fee structure. Details of the structure of our Shiatsu Training courses can be found under course details.

A non refundable deposit is required for the courses as shown in the table below. The balance of fees is due on the first day of each course or by monthly standing order.

Diploma Course

£225 £30 deposite followed by 3 monthly payments of £65.
Shiatsu and the Five Elements
£1070 8 weekends
Zen Shiatsu
£1633 10 weekends and residential
Shiatsu Unlimited
£1500 12 weekends over 11 months

The above costs are applicable to those students attending the relevant level in the session 2018/19.It is the School's policy to try and make Shiatsu available to as large a body of the public as possible so every attempt is made to keep the cost down. However, it is likely that the cost of courses will increase each year so it should be borne in mind that the total cost of the three year Diploma will be greater than that shown above for a student starting in 2018/19 and graduating in 2021.

Total study hours conform to Shiatsu Society requirements for more than 500 hours study over 3 years.


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