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The purpose of this Shiatsu Training course is to provide a structured training in Shiatsu with a firm grounding in practical Shiatsu technique. Included in the course is the study of the principles of traditional Oriental medicine and Western anatomy, physiology and pathology. The course will appeal to:

  1. People who wish to deepen their self understanding and self development through the practice of Shiatsu, healing and service to others.
  2. Those who wish eventually to practice Shiatsu at a professional level.

We have two formats for our teaching: an On-site Seated Shiatsu Certificate Course and ourDiploma Course.

On-site Seated Certificated Course

This stand-alone course will give you the theory and skills to give an effective Seated Shiatsu treatment on head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
For first time students there are two study formats available subject to numbers: evening and weekend. For graduates and students of either the Glasgow School of Shiatsu or other recognised Shiatsu Schools a fast track version is available. The graduates or students should have completed at least their school's first year. A certificate is awarded on the satisfactory completion of this course.

Diploma Course

The entire course is spread over three years. This is to comply with the training requirements of the Shiatsu Societyand also to ensure that students have sufficient time to assimilate the principles of Shiatsu into their everyday lives. The course is structured and paced to give students not just an intellectual concept of the principles of Ki, Yin Yang etc., but to allow each student to develop a direct experience of consciously feeling and manipulating Ki in an effective healing way.

A certificate will be awarded on satisfactory completion of first and second years. ADiploma will be awarded on the satisfactory completion of the third year. Homework treatments, recommended reading, essays, written and practical examinations are included at these levels.

For students who wish eventually to practise professionally, the course isfully Ratified by the Shaitsu Society, UK. This means that our School has had its Theory Assessments and Practical Assessment procedures scrutinised and approved by the Shiatsu Society. Our Graduates can therefore register immediately for the Shiatsu Society's Post Graduate Year scheme, successful completion of which confers Membership of the Register of Professional Practitions of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS). The Shiatsu Society, UK is the oldest and largest professional organisation for Shiatsu practitioners. Student membership of the Shiatsu Society is included in course fees on the Diploma course. (See Shiatsu Society Website at

All major teachers on the course are either Registered Teachers, Trainee teachers or Registered Practitioners with the Shiatsu Society. Specialist teachers bring their own relevant skills and qualifications.

Classes take place at weekends from 10:00am to 5:30pm. In some cases we may run courses in an evening/weekend format. Details on application.

Places are limited to ensure personal supervision.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing such as a track or jogging suit.

The classes are held at the:

Kagyu Samye Dzong Glasgow
7 Ashley Street
Glasgow G3