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For Shiatsu Training in Scotland, come to us! Founded in 1986 The Glasgow School of Shiatsu is the oldest established Shiatsu training organisation in Scotland.

We run a three year Diploma course and our successful Seated Shiatsu course started last year. The first year of the Diploma course is split into two sections - Foundation, and "Shiatsu and the Five Elements".  This gives students the opportunity to sample what Shiatsu can do for them before making a commitment to a longer course. The Foundation level introduces basic Shiatsu technique and a "form" to practice. The First Year builds upon this with detailed work on the meridians and using the Theory of Five Elements as both a theraputic tool and a platform for self understanding and self development.  The general pattern of the year's course content is Shiatsu technique and theory backed up by extensive practicals under the guidance of qualified Shiatsu Teachers.  In the Second and Third Years individual/small group tutorials and student training clinics are introduced. The Seated Shiatsu course can be found in several flavours - evenings, weekends and fast track. The outline for all these courses can be seen under Course Details.

We run regular introductory classes of weekend or single day duration. These are designed to give the student an appreciation of Shiatsu techniques which can then be used on friends and family to good effect. 

It is the School's policy to try and make Shiatsu available to as large a body of the public as possible, so every attempt is made to keep the cost down.  This enables those who wish to use Shiatsu as a purely self development medium to do so.

The Glasgow School of Shiatsu's 3 year Diploma course is fully Ratified by The Shiatsu Society, UK. This means that our Graduates can proceed directly onto the Society's Post Graduate Year scheme to Membership of the Register of Professional Practitioners of The Shiatsu Society. (MRSS)

Forms of bodywork therapy like Shiatsu have been widely used in the Orient for centuries, indeed therapeutic massage is first mentioned in "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" written in China some 2600 years BC.

Today Shiatsu is still practised extensively in Japan and similar forms are found in China: traditionally it is used at a basic level in the home, and can do much to promote communication, understanding and compassion between giver and receiver.