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Laura Naismith, MRSS (T)  
Gill Keith
Laura Naismith

I always assumed my life would always involve traditional sciences however after embarking on a Diploma in Holistic Therapy out of interest, rather than career choice, and having been introduced to the beginnings of Shiatsu, I decided I simply could not live without this wonderful way of being in my life. I began my studies in Shiatsu in 2004 and continue to feel as passionate and interested in Shiatsu today as I did in my first class.
Since completing my Diploma in Shiatsu at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu, I have acted as an assistant to all three levels of the course and in 2015, after a further year of study, I was granted my MRSS T status (Teacher member of the Register of Professional Shiatsu Practitioners – Shiatsu Society). I feel privileged to be asked to share my knowledge with the students of both the Glasgow School of Shiatsu and the Shiatsu School Edinburgh.
I feel honoured to name Elaine Liechti, Vicki Smyth and Liz Arundel from the Glasgow School of Shiatsu among my teachers and I am also grateful for the input of Clifford Andrews and Akinobu Kishi to my work.